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The Bundle#5 Freezer Bundle is a great way to Shop Fast & Save Money.  Featuring: Ground Chuck, Hamburger Patties, Delmonico Steaks, Cube Steaks, Pepper Steak Patties, Ranch Steak, Pork Loin, Cut-up Chicken, Chicken Wings, Chicken Leg Quarters, Chicken Drums, Hot Dogs, Corn Dogs, and E&L Supermercado Skinless Polish Sausage.

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4-Lbs. Ground Chuck

12-Hamburger Patties (4-oz ea)

5-Delmonico Steaks

4-Cube Steaks (4-oz ea)

6-Pepper Steak Patties

1-Lb. Ranch Steak

1/4-Pork Loin (9 Chops)

1-Cut-up Chickens in 8-pcs.

4-Lbs. Chicken Wings

10-Lbs. Chicken Leg Quarters

5-Lbs. Chicken Drums

3-Lbs. Hot Dogs

6-Pc Corn Dogs

1-Pkg. E&L Supermercado Skinless Polish Sausage

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Bundle #5


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