Fienman Family

After returning from World War II in 1945, Edward Fienman together with a partner opened two small grocery stores in Detroit. In 1953, Ed parted ways with his partner and opened a store on Vernor and Military. In 1967, he closed that store and built a small specialty market specializing in meat, later adding produce. Ed continued at this location working along with his wife, Anne, laying the foundation for the E & L we are today.

At a young age, Ben Fienman began working stock in his father’s store on weekends and school holidays all through high school. In 1974, he began working full-time managing E & L Meat Company. His wife, Rosanne, joined the company shortly after. By the late 1970’s, there was a growing Hispanic community in southwest Detroit. Seeing the needs of the community, Ben expanded the grocery and produce line to include Hispanic specialty items. Over the next 20 years, Ben made several additions to the original store including a full kitchen and expanding on the canned goods, produce, and dairy departments. In 1999, a state of the art 28,000 sq. ft. full-service grocery store was completed behind the old building and E & L Supermercado was born.

Today, E & L is run by the third generation of the Fienman Family. Like Ben, his oldest sons Mike and Dave started working at the market when they were young. After receiving a business degree in 2001, Mike came in full-time taking over the day to day operations following in his father’s footsteps. A few years later Dave came in, also receiving his business degree, and became an integral part in managing the family store. Their sister, Jamie, is now back at E&L as a store manager helping run the front of the store. Our cousin Brian took over the produce department in the early 2000’s having been trained by our grandfather Ed. They are all committed to providing the same great quality and service their grandfather established over 75 years ago.

E&L Front Entry
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